Integration Types Learn about the different integration that are possible with Payyo


When integrating directly with our API it will be your platform that decides which payment methods to offer to your customers and it is also your platform that will collect the payment information like for example credit card data. This means PCI-DSS compliance is required for such an integration in case card payments are offered.

The direct API integration makes for a great user experience as you are in full control of how the payment forms look and your customer doesn't leave your platform1). On the other hand this means that such an integration requires more software development than other integrations.

For the API integration there are different payment flows available.

1) Except for mandatory payment authentication using 3-D Secure or some alternative payment methods

Hosted Payment Pages (HPP)

When integration with our HPP the customer is redirected to a page on Payyo's servers, where the payment information is collected and processed by us. After successful payment authorization the customer is redirected back to your platfrom, where you can finalize the payment by sending a request to our API. No PCI-DSS compliance is required as no credit card data ever touches your system.

For technical information please visit our guide on how to implement Hosted Payment Pages with your own platform.